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Antiquing Terracotta Pots

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Spring to me is all about flowers, greenery, and pots. I love terracotta pots!!! I do love how they look when they have been painted and have good age to them. I have been faux aging my terracotta pots for some time now and thought I would share this super easy way to do it!

My favorite place to get the pots are at Walmart or Michael’s.

So all you will need …

Materials· Any kind of paint brush works· White acrylic paint· Paper towel· Cup of water· Newspaper of a large box to paint on

Below is my video

How To:· Dip brush into water…then into paint… back into water· Slab on the paint in any way you choice· Then take your paper towel whipping the paint till its dry

You just antiqued your pots all in second and your pots are instantly dry!!! This is defiantly one of my favorite diy’s. I love a good fast, diy with such beautiful results! Also affordable!!! Budget Friendly Queen

Enjoy Trying This DIY!!! It’s defiantly one you can get the kids involved in!

Thanks for stopping by

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