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Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holder

Christmas is the most amazing time of year. This is the time of year I get to be extra creative and make affordable easy decorations and gifts to share with you and my family and friends! It's the time of year where we get to give back to the ones we love and teach our kids how to make things!!!

This is a fun easy project you can do with your family! I made one, but you can make many more to use around the house or for a fun Tablescapes. Hope you enjoy this simple, easy craft!


  1. scissors

  2. yarn

  3. 8oz mason jar

  4. tea light

Step One: Wrap the yarn around the top of the jar

Step Two: Once you are done wrapping the yarn around the top..tuck the string under the wrapped yarn

There you have it!

A easy cute Christmas Candle Holder ;)

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