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DIY Vintage Rose Candle

Hello Friends!

I have decided to get into making my own candles. I spend so much money on buying candles, why not make them!!! I know what I like!!! I like slow burning candles, with a strong aroma that spreads through my entire house. So I decided to get a candle making kit for starters on amazon and then I bought my own rose oil from amazon as well! The recipe calls for a shot of oil, so I threw in the whole bottle of rose oil hahahahaha Making it 3 shots! I measured by a shot glass. Which for me, made it so much easier! A week before I bought fresh roses and hung them upside down to dry them. Once they where dry, I took one rose bud and chopped it up to throw into the melted wax for a extra smell and a beautiful look. Then I went out and did some antiquing and grabbed all types of gorgeous china to poor my wax into! How fun right? Doing these types of projects make me so exited and happy to be creating. I just love doing

How To:

Buy Candle KitFill a pot with water and get it to a boilThen add a little metal pot into the boiling waterFill Little Pot with waxchop dry rose buds to likingOnce wax is melted, add the oil and roses into the waxstirGet your wicks and popsicle sticks onto jarsPut thermoniter in and get it to reach 180 degreesOnce it reaches 180 degrees pour wax into jarsLet wax sit over night and then you have yourself a incredible candle!

Once I lit my candle my entire house smelt like a entire rose garden! It was heaven!

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