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Scandinavian Christmas Décor.

Scandinavian Christmas Décor.

There’s no better time of the year to embrace a Scandinavian style during the winter holidays!

The Scandinavian trend is so popular at Christmas. It’s a simple, uncluttered, minimal look. Here are my ideas of inspiration for a Scandinavian Christmas look.

As you can see I went outside to use cedar trimmings for all of my decorations throughout my home. From my tablescapes, to my garland, to a sweet tree with ornaments in my bedroom. I love to pull nature into my home. The great thing about this look is it can be used throughout winter, where you don’t have to pack it away. My best tip for keeping everything alive is to change out the water once a week and mist the trimming. The greatest thing is that it’s a stunning look and its FREE! Nature is the gift that keeps on giving and I just love to incorporate it into my designs!!!

How to Get this look

  • Have little Ornaments that you can find at your local Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree or Amazon

  • Go into your yard or woods and use a Looper tool to cut some branches of greenery.

  • Next Add Water into your jug, then put your cedar into the jug

  • Add your ornaments and you can even add twinkle lights if you’d like a extra magical touch!

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