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Sunflower Fields For the Energized Toddler

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

With Fall in the air, I am trying to squeeze in my TWO to do list.

Family Activities & Adult Activities


With that said my Kiddos come first.

In this case, the big kids 14 and 11 didn't want to join in on the fun. ( The Age of ROBOTS) lol So we brought little man Jace who is two1/2 years old and FULL of energy!

What I love about fall is you can find so many great things to do with your kids & pets for a affordable price or cost nothing at all!!!! My style!!!! Gotta hand it to NATURE! She's my kind of gal. HAHAHA

Here at Sunflower Field Sussex NJ we paid $10 each to enter as adults. Kids under 4 are FREE P.S If your child looks 4..acts four .. You're allowed a little white lie!

The best time to go is Mid. September. That's when you will have those monstrous sunflowers.

As we enjoyed walking through the maze and seeing such beauty, little man really enjoyed finding rocks, throwing rocks, and attempting to pick sunflowers. Each adventure with our children I believe is also a lesson and teaching for us and them. We had to teach him to love and be gentle with the beautiful flowers, to not throw the rocks because it can cause a boo boo... etc. He learned a lot that day and he also enjoyed being free, running free, and making dirt angels. Why not! What fun is life when your not getting down right messy! As for us, we learned patience and to just enjoy these moments because they really do pass us by in a blink of an eye.

Here are our photos from that day!


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