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Traveling Charleston SC With Kids!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

I’ve dreamt for many years to visit Charleston SC. My soul craved for its vintage streets, southern food and charm.

I needed to go and this year couldn’t have been a better time. I’m a gypsy soul with three kids. When I dream it, I have to do it!!!! So we packed up the car and off we went on our 12 hour drive (adventure), from NJ to SC!!!! The excitement in my heart was ready as well as the kiddos and Hubs!!!!

We packed a cooler with cold cuts, bread and snacks! No stops! Unless you have to potty or get gas. (2 Stops of gas each way total $200)

We left at 6pm so our kids could sleep most of the drive.

blah blah Let’s get to the fun stuff... shall we???

Our Itinerary <3


Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina

20 Patriot Rd. Mt. Pleasant SC

This was a great place for our family. It was very affordable. The views and pools were incredible.


Every place I have listed on here is family friendly, reasonable price and Delicious!


Another Broken Egg ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

99 S Market St. Charleston SC

My favorite! The kids loved it too!!!! $5 For the best chocolate pancakes and eggs for the kids!


155 Meeting St. Charleston SC

Very Southern Breakfast.

Delicious 😋

Basic Kitchen:

82 Wentworth St. Charleston SC

This is such a beautiful place to grab a yummy cappuccino and a light bite. It’s definitely a different experience and we really enjoyed it!!



Fleets Landing :

189 Concord St. Charleston SC

We love a good booth for our kids and the seafood was incredible. I definitely recommend the Sea Food Pasta!!!! They also made special request dishes for the kiddos, which I thought was so thoughtful.

Shems Creek Bar & Grill:

508 Mill St. Mt. Pleasant SC

We loved this low key restaurant with great prices, staff and food!!! What more could a girl ask for!! <3


97 Church St. Mount Pleasant SC

I recommend the Broil Pot. It’s filled with great seafood! You feel like your in a ship 🚢So the kids will love it. Ask for the booth with fish tank.



59 1/2 Cannon St. Charleston SC

Sugar Bakery 🧁: I bought a variety of cupcakes. All absolutely delish!



Water Front Park:

1 Vendue Range Charleston SC

My absolute favorite! The fountains are made to go in and cool off. The kids absolutely loved it! Highlight of our trip!!!

Rainbow Row:

83 E Bay St. Charleston SC

Near the fountains is Rainbow Row. Such a sight to see.

Angel Oak Tree:

3688 Angel Oak Rd. Johns Island SC

Another beautiful site to see. This incredible oak tree is estimated to be 500 to 1500 years old. After seeing it, we shot right to the beach.

Kiawah Beach:

8 Beachwalker Dr. Kiawah Island, SC

This gorgeous beach has calm waves and nature reserves. What I love is that it also has clean bathrooms, beautiful changing rooms and showers to clean off. On top of all this greatness, it's also a short walk to the beach and back!!!!! Enjoy taking in these breathtaking views. Side note: it is $10 per car to park.


The streets of Charleston SC are full of adventure. Each turn leads you to a new adventure, old city charm, shopping and delicious food. Here are some finds we came across walking the streets.

Charleston City Market

188 Meeting St. Charleston SC

This market is right next to (Another Broken Egg) Here I found so many unique gifts to give our friends and family.

Right next to the Market was the horse stables!!!

Our favorite Find was the BOOZY POPS!! Virgin for Baby and Boozy for the Momma's

& Dadda!!!

Always remember, that as parents we can still have fun and be giddy. Just because we're getting older doesn't mean we have to put aside having a good time. Our kids seeing us enjoying life is one of the best ways to bring us all together and make lasting memories. Life is short, so live it up... even if it costs you being late on some bills!!! HAHAHA

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