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Vintage Basket Wall Collage

First off, let me start off with how fun it was making this basket collage and just winging it!!! I loved every second of it. I jammed my music and let my creative juices flow. The best part is that it only took ten minutes or less!!!!

Shopping Find-Less then $10

I went into Habitat for Humanity (same as a thrift store—Which the money goes to a great cause!) As I walked around, sure enough I found all of these baskets for $.50 each, so I knew I had to get them and create this fun conversation piece with great texture.


  1. hammer

  2. nails 1.5

How To:

  1. Grab basket

  2. Lay basket in place

  3. Put nail in.. off center of basket

  4. Hammer nail

  5. Repeat

( I like to keep my baskets close together... as you see)

Once you are done ✅ step back and enjoy the beautiful work you’ve done!

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